About EAP


The Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies is a one year full-time official research program organised in Bilbao (SPAIN) by the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis II at The University of the Basque Country with the cooperation of invited lecturers and visiting faculty members from other universities and research institutions. Our students seek to specialize in the empirical analysis of specific markets: labour market, monetary market and energy markets and their connection to natural resources and environmental issues. Highly motivated students with a bachelor's degree in economics, or any other comparable undergraduate major such as engineering or mathematics, are encouraged to apply for this program.


Our students will obtain a profound understanding of the theoretical skills and the empirical tools and computational techniques that economists use to analyse data. The acquisition of skills for the empirical analyses of such markets favours the specialization of students and, therefore, their access to highly qualified jobs. Our Master is designed as a link between academic scholarship and firms demanding highly skilled human capital such as consulting firms, centres of studies and domestic or international public institutions where a solid research component is required. Those who opt for a pure research career will have already acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to begin working independently on their Ph.D. dissertations. This Master is taught in English because it is the language of economics today. Using English is also a means to attract bright and strongly motivated students wherever they come from.