Ph D Program in Economics



After finishing the Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies, some students may be interested in pursuing with a Ph D in our Program in Economics. Here we present general Guidelines for the PhD Program:

Doctoral degree. Those students willing to pursue a Doctoral degree have to ask for admission to the Executive Committee of the Graduate Program. Upon admission, students have to ask a faculty member for Doctoral dissertation supervision.


Second year courses. During their second year, doctoral students take advance courses. These courses are intended to consolidate students’ knowledge. These courses can be taken at the University of the Basque Country or at another university. Each year the Graduate Program will announce a list of secondyear courses depending on faculty availability. Second year stays at other universities are to be approved by the Executive Committee of the Graduate Program.


Second year paper. During the second year, students are expected to present a written paper proposal to a Doctoral Thesis Committee nominated by the Executive Committee of the Graduate Program. Upon approval, the student should write the second year paper and, upon approval by the committee,present it in a seminar. This paper is supposed to be a first piece of the student’s doctoral dissertation.


Third and fourth year papers. During the third and fourth years, students are expected to write a second and a third paper to complete their dissertations. The same procedures in terms of proposals, approvals and seminars apply here.


Visiting another university. Although not strictly required, students are encouraged to visit another university during their graduate studies. This visit is also subject to approval by the Executive Committee of the Graduate Program.


Scientific meeting presentation. Students are expected to present at least one paper in a scientific meeting before completion of their doctoral degree.


Job market. When seeking academic employment, students are expected to enroll in the job market organized around the Spanish Economic Association Meeting.


Doctoral Thesis. A doctoral thesis is a piece of research carried out by the doctoral degree candidate that constitutes a contribution to human knowledge and demonstrates the candidate capability to carry on research on its own.


Doctoral Thesis defense. Students are expected to present a written manuscript of their thesis for external refereeing to a Doctoral Dissertation Refereeing Committee appointed by the Executive Committee of the Graduate Program. Upon approval, students are expected to meet the university-wide administrative requirements (by brian fraim). The Doctoral dissertation advisor designates, and the Executive Committee of the Graduate Program approves the Doctoral Dissertation Committee before which the candidate will defend his/her doctoral dissertation.



Thesis Supervised by our Faculty

For a detailed list of Thesis supervised by our Faculty, click here.