Master Theses


Selection of Master Theses


Eduardo Polo Culture consumption after retirement in Spain.
Laura Bengoa Work schedules and parents' time use
Mari Mar Sola Does the Fed follow the predictions of the professional
Daniel Rohbeck An empirical analysis of the valuation of travel time savings within consumer choices among modern urban transportation modes
Dario Betancor Interest rates forecasts: An analysis of SPF
Peru Muniain Modelling and forecasting realized volatility and intraday continuous German-Austrian electricity market
María Álvarez The role of Locus of Control in economic experiments
David Martínez de la Fuente Universal Primary Education: Does education aid really assist?
Anastasiia Prydius Evaluation of public programs on small and medium enterprises in Spain
Lucía Gorjón The impact of family friendly policies on the labor market: Evidence on Spain and Austria
Bernet Kubanychbekova Time for children: Parents’ time allocation in Spain
Dimitris Sgourinakis Novia Salcedo Foundation courses and the probability of employment
Agurtzane Lekuona Inequality of Opportunity in Education
Konrad Benze Competition in the Spanish Gasoline Market. Collusion and Market Dominance
Simona Demel Changes in the Non-Financial Employment Commitment in Times of Economic Crisis among the Youth in Spain
Luz Karime Ababíe Changes in the Gender Wage Gap and the Role of Education and Other Job Characteristics: Colombia 1994-2010
Cristina Pizarro Effect of Renewable Energy Production in the Spanish Electricity Market
Ainhoa Vega Innovation Determinants in the Spanish Service Sector. Another Type of Innovation?. An Empirical Study
Hua Wang Allocation of Time to Work, Housework, and Childcare between Couples: An Empirical Analysis Using the Spanish Time Use Survey
Raquel Grandes Santolalla A choice experiment in Garate-Santa Barbara (Guipuzcoa) Welfare benefits of conservation plans for a Natura 2000 Network site
Viktor Hultgren Evaluating the Knowledge-Capital model. The impact of verticality on foreign direct investments
Stefan Lamp How competitive is the Spanish Gasoline Market? Testing for Asymmetries in the Oil-Gasoline Price Relationship
Lukas Mazal Stock market seasonality: day of the week effect and January effect
Alaitz Artabe Income distribution orderings based on differences with respect to the minimum acceptable income
Arritokieta Chamorro A simple model of betting in Basque Pelota
Luis Pinedo A Macroeconomic Assessment of the Gender Wage Gap: The case of Spain
Ainara González San Román The Impact of Firm-Level Contracting on Wage Levels and Inequality: Spain 1995-2002
Patricia Peinado Martínez An Exercise on Policy Evaluation: the Case of Corporate Taxes in the Basque Country
Ružica Savčić

Comovement of Nominal Variables in Hyperinflation