“After writing my thesis on individual pricing for mobility services in collaboration with the car sharing program car2go (today SHARE NOW) at Daimler AG, I had the chance to start as a team lead heading the mobile payment services there. The lessons from the Master in Economics EAP were very valuable to me as they allowed me to implement an hypothesis-based product development process with frequent iterative statistical testing for usability and to discuss complex fraud & default risk algorithms with our Mercedes-Benz Bank internal risk department. After doing this job for two years, I switched positions to a newly founded Mercedes-Benz internal digital consulting, where I became a lead consultant using what I learned in behavioral economics, game theory and econometrics in various projects. As we are strengthening our data analytics team right now, my future will also increasingly rely on the skills I acquired during my time at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. Companies like Mercedes-Benz need to adopt a more data-driven, hypothesis-based mindset and I found that the mix of hands-on computational skills, well-founded statistical knowledge and experimental evaluation we learned at EAP is a great foundation to drive this change. But work is not all and personally, I really enjoyed my time in Bilbao learning about markets and the metrics behind policies not only due to the content of the master, but also a very engaged, motivating faculty staff and an inspiring mix of students from various cultural backgrounds! So both professionally and privately, I can really recommend the Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies!”

Daniel Rohbeck

“The only downside to this Master is the fact that you won’t have enough time to hang out more with the teachers — some of the finest people I ever met teach this course and not only are they brilliant and true experts on the subject, they are also very nice and ready to help you any time you ask for help. So, take the opportunity to learn more by exploiting these fine people’s expertise!”


Ružica Savčić

“This Master in Economics is a unique opportunity for those who enjoy Economics and also for those who wish to learn more about it. Both the contents of the Master and the professors taking care of the program made it possible for me to develop not only on the professional basis, but also on the personal side. A chance of exploring Economics that nobody should forgo.”


Ainara González de San Román

“Owing to its great empirical component, this Master is the perfect complement to the knowledge acquired at college. It is suited to both graduates in Economics and other disciplines and the fact that all the courses and the Master Thesis are in English is an added value. Besides, all the professors are very kind and always willing to help you. Based on my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending it.”


Cristina Pizarro