Tuition & Aids


The University of the Basque Country is a public University, so it is highly subsidized by the Basque Government, and students pay a small fraction of the real cost. Thus, students pay around 2,200 € per academic year instead of the full cost.

Scholarships and Aids

These are some of the fellowships our students have had in the past.

Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For citizens of Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Philippines, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Senegal. This is the link to the call.

University of the Basque Country fellowships

The University of the Basque Country grants scholarships for students enrolled in our master’s program. These scholarships are assigned by merit. Grantees are announced once the course has started in late September or early October of the academic year. Historically, up to four students per year are assigned one of these scholarships: a one-time payment of 3,000 € (locals) or 4,500 € (foreigners). This is the link to last the call.

Basque Government fellowships

The Basque Government fellowships for master’s degrees are assigned by merit among those whose legal residence is in the Basque Country. These fellowships cover tuition, transportation, accommodation and stipend. This is the link to the call.

The Basque Government grants the so called “ikasiker” fellowships

Assigned by merit among those who want to learn what research is about by collaborating with a research group. Applicants are required to have their legal residence in the Basque Country. This is the link to the call.

The Spanish Ministry of Education grants fellowships for graduate studies

Applicants are required to be Spanish nationals or EU citizens with legal residence in Spain. This is a link to the call.